segmenting oversized images to user defined tiles

Whether designing exhibition graphics, pop ups, display systems, billboards, vehicle wraps  or simply wanting to divide images to individual panels then the tiling module within the Shiraz Signature RIP is your ideal tool.

Simply specify the overall image size and the system will then automatically divide the image into tiles that can be printed on your currently loaded media. Alternatively divide the image manually to any user-defined sizes to suit your design. Break the image into regular (billboard format) or irregular one (truck graphics).

Specify the exact overlap or cut out dimensions required between adjacent tiles. Deselect tiles that are not required for output. Confirm visually the exact preview of the tiling job as would be printed. Add crop/overlap marks and job labels and then submit to the layout. All Tiles are then nested and printed in one layout job. Tiles can be reprinted individually later on if needed.