fully featured and interactive layout front end

A fully featured design front end for creation of the simplest to the most complex print jobs. The working area is automatically set by polling the information from the connected printer. The WYSIWYG layout editor enables the users to quickly and accurately create their print jobs.

All major graphics file format such as the Adobe PDF, Postscript, Tiff and Jpeg can be imported and mixed in any way required. All colour spaces supported by these file formats are fully catered for and the colour managed preview as well as the inbuilt pre-flight allows the users to correct any issues before costly printing are carried out.

The layout arrangement can be automatically optimised by the click of a button and further changed manually if needed. Crop marks, job labels or other print marks can be added to any of the images within the layout if required. Special functions for creating print jobs with large repeat quantity that are optimised for processing and printing throughput are available.

Other advanced features such as colour correction, spot colour support, cropping, tiling etc. are all included as standard and are further detailed in the following sections.