auxiliary applications for smooth running of the system

Each application available here is designed to carry out a specific task to further enhance the user experience. These are now briefly detailed:

- License Manager : Examine and update your current Shiraz license. Additional options for your RIP can be added here using update codes sent to you.
- Live Update : Keep your Shiraz software up to date by using the cloud based updating system. Media profiles, printer drivers as well as the core software can be updated here.
- PPD Maker : Customise the Postscript Printer Description (PPD) files to use with the virtual printer drivers used for direct printing from design applications.
- Port Monitor : Configure and create virtual printer drivers for printing directly from design applications.
- Add Paper : Create and edit page sizes of required dimensions to the list of standard paper sizes available for the require queue.
- Shiraz Viewer : A remote connection utility that allows Shiraz support team to connect and carry out troubleshooting or training.
- Screenshot : A handy tool for taking a screen grab of your monitor for support purposes.
- Costing : Use this application to setup all the costing parameters for inks, media and other cost factors. These data are then used for the actual cost calculations in the Server.