managing and processing print jobs

Jobs submitted from various Shiraz client applications to the selected printer queues are managed and processed for printing by the Server. Print jobs can also be submitted to the queues on the Server by utilising the hot folder system or direct printing from the third party design applications using the Shiraz port monitor option.

Each queue can be connected to a separate printer or a number of queues can be configured for the same printer with different parameters assigned to each.

All incoming jobs are checked against the currently loaded media size and type. Any mismatch detected such as the wrong media type will automatically hold the corresponding jobs till the right media type is loaded. Similarly if an incoming job cannot be fitted to the current media size then it will also be held till the right roll size is loaded.

Jobs that are sent for automatic nesting on the same media are efficiently grouped and nested together. Nesting parameters for each queue can be configured to suit the production requirements. Nesting jobs can be examined and edited if required.

Once jobs have been processed and printed then they will be moved to the archive folders where users can re-submit them for more printing. Full log of all server activities are created daily and can be examined by users if required.