comprehensive tool for media profiling

Colour management features built in to the Shiraz RIP is designed to match colours between different capture devices (input) such as scanners, digital cameras and monitors to the output devices such as printers. In order to carry out this task the colours from one device needs to be translated to another one. This is necessary as each device has a different range of colours or colour spaces. This process is carried by linking the ICC profiles for input to output devices and creating a complex look up table and then translating the images through this.

Prior to this the output device needs to be calibrated for a linear and default state. The calibration process involves ink limiting steps for single ink channels and multiple ink channels and linearization. All other factors that affect the colour and output such as the print mode and print head dot sizes and dot ranges used also need to be set correctly.

All these complex steps are organised in a logical and easy to follow manner that allows even the novice colour operators to create good quality media profiles. All major brands of colour measuring devices are fully supported and measurements can be carried out using the familiar and traditional density mode or in the new Lab based way. All measurements are displayed graphically and can be altered in various ways.

Proprietary ink limiting technology that reduces ink usage to a minimum without compromising overall colour gamut coupled to advanced screening ensures highest quality output possible. Adobe CMM engine is employed as standard for colour matching across all Shiraz products making it fully compatible with the industry standard design applications.