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"The versatility and sophistication of the Server RIP has made it a most reliable production engine."

The ultimate production RIP Server

The versatile and powerful Shiraz RIP solution that can be configured for the most demanding production users. Multiple client stations can be connected to the central server driving multiple printers simultaneously.
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This is the heart of the system where all print jobs submitted by client station for the different print queues are managed and processed. Any number of printer queues can be configured for the same or different printers connected to the system.

Print jobs can be submitted to these print queues in a number of different ways either utilising the various Shiraz client applications, hot folders or direct printing from third party applications. Additionally Server can be configured for cloud based submission.
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Included in the Shiraz Server solution are a number of client applications specifically created to cater for the various printing markets such as signage, display, photo, canvas gallery wraps, textiles etc.

They include specialist features that enable users to easily and quickly create complex print jobs that are optimised for production. Any number of client station can be configured on the network for submitting print jobs to the server.
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The application for users who require their own media profiling and editing capability. This tool can be used to create or edit media profiles as well as spot colour tables and colour correction curves. All printer colour spaces with any number of ink channels are supported.

A logical and step by step approach to the various profiling stages of ink limiting, linearization, print mode settings etc. ensures a quick and efficient method for profiling. All industry standard measuring instruments are fully supported.
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To help the smooth and efficient running of the Shiraz RIP system included are a number of applications that carry out specific functions with this regards.

Hot Folders

For automated workflows the sophisticated and powerful hot folder features of the Server can be utilised for all printer queues on the system.

Port Monitor

A tool for creating virtual Postscript printers on your system for printing directly from design applications to the designated printer queue on the Server.

Hyper RIPing

Smart multitasking RIP engine utilises the latest processor generation with multi core hyper threading capability delivering smarter performance and reduced waiting time.